Savory Breakfast Crêpes

These versatile protein packed savory crêpes are satisfyingly delicious, and easy to make! You can make a batch and freeze them in advance to fill up later, or whip up a stack for a brunch party like I did. Either way, these crêpes are nutrient rich made with chickpeas and potatoes, for a fulfilling anytime meal. Enjoy!

Savory Breakfast Crêpes
by Sarah Farsh, March 12th 2023

Crêpe Batter (makes about 6 pancakes):
1 russet or gold potatoes, boiled or baked
1 cup or can chic peas with liquid 
1 tbsp ground flax seeds
1 tbsp onion powder
splash of water as needed 

Filling and Sides:
smashed avocado
sautéed veggie medley: onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, garlic, salt, pepper.

Blend all crêpe ingredients together in VitaMix or high powered blender. The consistency should resemble thick pancake batter, if you need to add a little water-do it a very little at a time not to drown your batter. Warm up a non-stick pan and poor 1/3 cup or a serving spoon worth of batter into the hot pan. Flip and continue just like making pancakes. You may need to smooth out some of the batter in the pan to perfect your circles, the batter is forgiving so if you mess up one side, just fix by topping with a little more batter when you flip. Meanwhile, make your sautéed veggies of choice or use what I did. When your crêpes are ready, fill with smashed avocado, sautéed veggies, salsa and serve with French girl salad for a perfect plate!


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