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Raw Fermented Lavender Basil Watermelon Pickles

If you have extra watermelon, cucumbers or most any other fruits/veggies that you may not be able to finish in fresh form for whatever reason, pickling is a wonderful quick and delightful way to give your produce new and expansive life. And also, if you sliced open your watermelon to find it was underripe like me in this instance, here's another good reason to pickle that :)  I used fresh lavender and basil from my garden for this feature, feel free to combine your favorite herbs into the mix like a warm and spicy clove/cardamom/orange peel/ginger mix, or something cooler like cumin seeds/dill–or keeping things clean and simple with just sea salt and pepper corn. Enjoy! You can make these the old fashioned way of boiling water/rind, jarring and refrigerating. I used a kimchi method which requires fermenting instead and gives the pickles a little more sour and pungent flavor--along with providing gut health probiotics.  Lavender Basil Watermelon Pickles  by Sarah Farsh October 9, 20

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