Squashy Collard Burrito Wraps with Cilantro Mint Tahini

I love rolling whatever fresh, roasted, pickled, raw or a bountiful mix of rainbow veggies I have in my fridge, in a super green and hearty collard leaf wrap. This quick, fast and nutrient rich roll up can be enjoyed for lunch, dinner or anytime snack. Great to travel with, and super versatile to fill with your favorite likings. I love including a mushy starch like kombucha squashed featured in this recipe, baked sweet potato, or a Japanese sweet potato to hearty up your veggie mix. Naturally gluten-free, vegan, oil-free and loaded with all nourishing minerals. Feel free to load up with your favorite proteins, left over falafel cookies, or even kelp noodles–I've tried them all in collard wraps and love how tossing left overs in these leafy greens suddenly gives old recipes a new life. Enjoy!

Squashy Collard Burrito Wraps with Cilantro Mint Tahini 
by Sarah Farsh September 5, 2021

Cilantro Mint Tahini
  • 4-6 tbsp pure organic tahini
  • 1 lemon, juice and zest
  • 2-3 cloves fresh garlic
  • 1 tsp kosher sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp black peppercorns
  • splash water
  • 1 heaping handful fresh mint
  • 1 heaping handful fresh cilantro
Squashy Collard Burrito
  • kombucha squash with skin, seeded, baked, air-fried, steamed or roasted
    • or sweet potato, Japanese yam, butternut squash
  • thin asparagus, raw or quickly steamed
    • or broccoli, spinach, or whatever dark green you have
  • avocado slices
  • exotic mushroom mix, raw or lightly sautéd 
  • golden beets, baked, air-fried, steamed or roasted
    • or any beets or root veggie if you like
  • collard green leaves
Blend Cilantro Mint Tahini ingredients together in a food processor or blender, adding the herbs last to keep some green flakes visible, jar and set aside. Boil a pans worth of water, and dip your collard green leaves in one at a time to soften only about 1 minute (30 seconds each side). This is optional, you can eat collards raw but softening just makes them easier to roll and digest. Air dry each leaf or pat with towel before filling up with your selected ingredients. Drizzle some cilantro mint tahini on top before folding the outer sides in to the center, and then the bottom leaf over to roll into a burrito. Slice in half, repeat up to as many burritos you like and enjoy!


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