Jackfruit Sushi Taco Bites

Here's an Asian inspired wicked easy and creative meal to enjoy for lunch or dinner, that you can eat with your hands or chopsticks! Almost like wontons, or sushi bites–I ate them like a sushi taco :) have fun wrapping up your favorite fillers like avocado, shredded carrots, radish, herbs, or pulled-jackfruit that I use in this feature which reminds me a little of pulled pork. You can use coconut wraps, lettuce wraps, rice paper wraps, nori or a mixture!

Jackfruit Sushi Taco Bites
by Sarah Farsh August 15, 2021
  • dried rice paper wraps
    • or coconut wraps, raw lettuce wraps, collard green leaves
  • nori wraps
  • 1 can pure jackfruit (ingredients should just say jackfruit and salt or none)
  • 2-3 tbsp of your favorite clean bbq sauce
    • or make your own by combining tomato paste, maple syrup or honey, paprika, rice vinegar, sea salt, tamari
Drain liquid from jackfruit and shred with hands or fork. Add BBQ sauce and mix well, then bake or air fry until desired doneness–about 25min in the oven at 400 degrees or 15min in the air frier at 350 degrees. Meanwhile, boil water and dip your rice paper wraps one at a time to soften them-they're delicate so be careful when handling and they only dip for less than a minute. Warm up a wok or non-stick pan with a light spray of coconut oil, and place one rice wrap with a scoop of your pulled jackfruit on top, closing the right, left, then top, bottom sides into a burrito on the pan. You can also do this on a plate prior to cooking and eat like a soft taco. Cook on both sides to desired crispness, slice and enjoy! Make some more wraps using nori (seaweed) and serve with miso-tahini mixture for added bonus!


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