Cantaloupe Coconut Cream Cake Pie

This cool and creamy cake pie baby was birthed by Hailey and I, in the Casa Dragoness kitchen. It's all the things you want and need in a sweet treat, that will make you go mmm... while also providing your body with rich nutrients you need to live and love. Perfect for all the leftover melon you may have from summer harvest. 

No sugar, no marketing driven alternatives (like coconut sugar or gluten free flour), or anything processed in this delight. Not even cooking is required to indulge in this frozen or lightly melty confection. The ingredients are so clean that you can even eat a slice for breakfast with your morning elixir, or enjoy as a cool power snack mid-day. Packed with fresh fruits, whole nuts and pure coconut–the flavors and texture in this combination marry together in some wicked sweet way that we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do. You can mold this mixture into cupcakes, whatever pie pan you have, fill a deep cake pan, or drink your leftover filling like a milk shake. 

Cantaloupe Coconut Cream Cake Pie

by Sarah Farsh and Hailey Donell


  • 8 oz unsalted, dry toasted sliced almonds
    • or oats if you can't eat nuts
  • 12 oz organic pitted medjool dates, soaked in warm water for 10 min
  • 1-2 tsp very good cinnamon
  • pinch sea salt
  • 4 cups frozen, ripe, seeded and peeled cantaloupe (frozen at least overnight)
    • you can also try this with honeydew or yellow canary 
  • the date water from your soaked dates
    • and/or 2 tbsp good local honey or maple syrup for extra sweet kick
  • 13.5 oz organic coconut cream (no guar gum)
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean powder and/or cardamom (optional)
  • crushed raw or dry roasted pistachios
    • or freeze dried raspberries, strawberries for a pretty red/orange color
Drain water from your soaked dates and set the water aside if you'd like to use it for the filling. In a food processor, VitaMix or high powdered blender–pulse and grind the crust ingredients (included the drained dates) together with help of your plunger. This will require some muscle power to quickly get everything mixed into the blade, turning it into a cookie dough style batter, while also being very careful not to over blend into moosh. If you went too far, add some dry oats, or more sliced almonds. Scoop dough out and press down into your pie shell or cake pan with wet fingers, as smooth and evenly as you like. The dough will be very sticky to handle. My pie shells are always perfectly imperfect so be easy with this part, it all goes to the same place :) 

Add all filling ingredients into VitaMix or high powered blender, and blend with help of plunger if needed, to build the creamy filling mixture. Poor the filling into your freshly pressed pie shell, everything is raw. Top with crushed nuts or freeze dried fruit of choice, and place into freezer for at leaste 3 hours or over night before slicing and enjoying. You can serve and treat this as you would an ice cream cake, either slice frozen and eat more on the frozen ice cream side, or allow to thaw out for a few minutes before indulging in a more creamy/melty treat. Keep leftovers frozen. 


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