Plant-Strong Video Immersion

If you've read about my plant-based journey, you may already know about the healthy eating immersion I've been to many moons ago that started me on my plant-strong trek. 

I'm really excited to share that a lot of the content, speeches from doctors and healthy eating hacks to help get you started on a plant-based path that I experienced in-person, are now all available and posted as virtual classes for you anytime right here:

Seven Pillars of Plant-Strong Living: How to Rescue Your Health

Let's Make Breakfast!

Batch Cooking & Bowl Building

Why Every Bite Matters

From Pills to Plants with Adam Sud

Hurdles to Healthy Habits: Interactive Session with Brian Hart

What We Know Now with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Sleep and Stress with Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai

Kitchen Makeover: What to Buy, What to Eat with Jane & Ann Esselstyn

This content is a great treat to help ring in the cooler weather, take some time to clean out your pantry and load it up with whole-unprocessed foods, build hearty veggie soups, bowls and boost your nutrient density intake for optimal health.  


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