Plant-Base Best in Tulum

I spent over a month in Tulum, Mexico and never cooked so little in my life. There's a wonderful abundance of plant-based vegan food options all over the jungly beach city to enjoy. If you're planning a trip or in the area, here's my top vegan friendly places with samples to check out: 

Overnight Oats from Ziggys they have wonderful plant-based options all day long in addition to breakfast!

Raw Vegan Passion Fruit Cake, Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl, and Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake from Raw Love

Falafel Pizza, Baba Ganoush and Black Bean Veggie Fajitas with Mole from Tierra in Holistika

Beet Pizza with Gluten-Free Oat Crust and Vegan Cheese sub from Gypsea Market

Fresh Vegan Cheese from Farmer's Market in a snack board I put together

In addition to the photos and places listed above, here are some more amazing places to check out: 

Real Coconut Tulum: Great for brunch, lots of plant-based options
La Pebeta: The best veggie burger I had in Tulum
Amansala Resort Hotel: Beautiful vibe on the beach with great veggie-based bowls
Perlas & Cocos: My favorite juice stand on the main beach strip with a secret garden you can eat in, the best coconut milk quesadillas I've had made with lots of love. Ask for salsa, fresh guac and black beans to make it complete. Also try their vegan chocolate cake made with beans.

I created this Google List with all my recco's of more places to eat/explore/site see in Tulum. Also made this Spotify Playlist so you can enjoy some Tulum Vibes wherever you are in the world. 


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