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Thanks for playing What’s In Your Pantry on my IG Social Story if you joined. It was fun and inspirational to hear and see what friends keep stashed in their cupboards. Here’s your healthiest pantry makeover that you can copy/past into your own kitchen, or to help your friends clean house with sustainable ingredients.   

  1. Clean house. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t want to eat it? Keep it out of the house. Love candy bars? Try swapping with raw nuts and dried fruit or make your own trail mix. Love chips? Try dehydrating or air frying sliced veggies for nutrient rich snacks.
  2. Stock on superfoods to travel w healthier foods, or to enjoy in your kitchen. Amazing Grass Powder holds most of the nutrients you need to live when you don’t have access to your pantry. Stock quinoa, Spirulina powder, chia seeds, goji berries, raw nuts, steal cut oats and dried lentils because those are some of the most nutrient rich shelf stable superfoods on the market.
  3. Healthy Fats: Pure coconut oil that can be used for baking, cooking, hair, skin, oil pulling, lube, to butter toast or shine stainless steel appliances. Tahini and raw almond butter for fresh salad dressings, and cold press olive oil, sesame seed oil and truffle oil to use lightly as a finishing, but I don’t cook with them. 
  4. Natural sweeteners to replace sugar and agave: Maple syrup, date paste, monk fruit sugar, honey, Mike’s Hot Honey and stevia.
  5. Spices: Stay away from spice mixes because they usually have fillers and preservatives. I like to keep as many spices as possible to give me full creative freedom to create whatever international cuisine I feel like, anytime in my kitchen. Here’s what I have right now in my spice pantry, and just read the ingredients when you’re shopping to make sure they’re pure and there are no fillers like MSG, sugar or salt in spice mixes. If you find an ingredient in a spice mix you’re interested in that you can’t pronounce, just google the word to understand what you’re deciding to eat first before purchasing. Instead, you can make your own spice mixes by copying a spice mix you love, and skipping the dirty ingredientsCinnamon, cayenne pepper, cumin seeds and powder, turmeric powder, cardamom pods and powder, whole nutmeg, Persian saffron, ginger powder, pure vanilla bean powder, black pepper corns, red pepper corns, mustard seeds, bay leaves, dried dill, Thai curry powder, fennel seeds, garlic powder, harrisa powder, smoked paprika, truffle salt, smoked Maldon flakes. 
  6. Noodles: Kelp noodles and miracle noodles are the only pasta alternatives I use and keep in the kitchen because they’re a zero-calorie clean sub to any pasta, including the gluten-free types. Processed pasta is processed pasta whether it’s made from wheat, beans or rice—try eating the real food in its whole form instead. 
  7. Flavors: Pure almond, mint, vanilla, hazelnut and orange extract to enhance smoothies, flavor nicecream or bake with. Liquid smoke to turn veggies into jerky flavored goodies or make vegan carrot lox for sushi. Pure truffle oil to perfume specialty dishes with.
  8. Nuts and seeds: I keep a container of freshly crushed raw cashew dust to replace Parmesan cheese. Sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top of your meals, morning boosters or to bake with. 
  9. Salts: Kosher sea salt for most cooking. Celtic salt for healing. Pink salt, Maldon salt and truffle salt for finishing. Coconut aminos and liquid aminos for everything. 
  10. Vitamins and supplements: Biotin for nails/hair. Liver Cleans and Milk Thistle to help balance all the booze I drink. Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Spirulina for vegan collagen, chlorophyl and many other wonderful benefits. Ashwagandha and Atomic Mushroom Powder for mental health elixirs. He Shou Wu for longevity and to prevent white hair growth.

I also keep plentiful international items to have the ability to create worldly food anytime of the week. The following is always in my pantry for exotic healthy meals and you can get them from international supermarkets or on my Amazon Pantry List: 

Persian dried limes


Dried mint

Curry leaves

Wasabi powder

Seaweed Wraps

Dried exotic Chinese mushrooms 

Whole roasted cacao beans 

Notice that I don’t store flour of any kind (not even GF coconut flour) because I don’t use it. Flour is flour whether it’s made from wheat, or tiger nuts. Try eating unprocessed, whole real food instead. 

I also created this Amazon Pantry Basics Shopping List so you can see my essentials, along with some other household goodies, and order online or pick up in store. 


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