Better For You Cocktails

If you're a lush like me and enjoy sipping on sparkles in fine crystals for hours–then this hack, along with drinking water after each glass, may help you enjoy a little longer, and you body will thank you along the way. 

Of course there's mocktails that have no alcohol at all, but if you're just trying to slim down your alcohol intake and reduce your tolerance, these have been helpful solutions for me. 

Try cutting your champagne down with sparkling water. You can add a few drops of pomegranate juice if you like it to be pink! Or add fresh berries for a crisp pop of color. Adding sparkling water helps hydrate you and cut down to at least half intake if you're mixing your glass with 50/50. 

Red wine with pomegranate juice, you'll get some essential antioxidants and vitamin C from pure pomegranate juice, with a twist of vino.

Unfiltered sake martini shaken with lychee pure. Sake in general is one of the best worst choices of alcohol for you because it's naturally high in amino acids and gluten-free. It tastes and feels really strong, but it's alcohol content is 15-16% (similar to wine) vs. vodka which is 40%.

Hope this helps savor more! 


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