Single Ingredient Vegan Whipped Cream

Here's a surprisingly easy recipe that only needs one single ingredient, coconut milk! I always keep a can of full-fat coconut milk in my refrigerator incase I bake up a cake pie or carve a watermelon cake, and want to top it with creamy whipped topping. You can get creative with this whipped topping by adding vanilla bean, almond extract, chocolate, fresh berries, mango, pumpkin spice, or whatever flavor or color you're feeling. If you like super sweet, you can add monkfruit sugar to the mix as well. 

The key to the whipped cream is you must have the coconut milk very cooled in refrigerator at least overnight. Speeding it up in the freezer does not work as well which is why I always keep a can stocked in refrigerator for good measure. You also must enjoy this vegan whipped cream right away fresh, it doesn't hold up long in refrigerator because there's only one ingredient. Don't worry, it's easy to finish in one serving.  

Single Ingredient Vegan Whipped Cream
by Sarah Farsh September 29th, 2020
  • 1 can full-fat coconut milk, cooled in refrigerator at least overnight 
  • optional flavors: 
    • monkfruit sugar
    • vanilla bean extract
    • frozen mango (to make it orange, with mango flavor)
    • frozen raspberry (to make it pink, with raspberry flavor)
    • cinnamon, nutmeg and splash of burbon for seasonal spiced edition
Open cooled can of coconut milk and scoop out the fat at the top, use the remainder liquid for smoothie/soup or something else. Depending how fatty your coconut milk is, you may need some of the water to help loosen whip cream out. Blend quickly with a hand blender, whisk or blender until the cream is peeked and smooth. Use right away, or keep cool in refrigerator no more than a couple hours, otherwise it way start to separate again.


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