Sweet Peach Brunch Plate

I like to think I made up the word Fruitités, maybe I did. I also love to serve my crudités with fresh and vibrant juicy fruits that friends and family can snack on while I'm preparing our meal in the kitchen. My grandmother always served fresh Sabzi (herbs) before our big Persian dinners that included things like radishes, cucumbers, parsley, basil, and pistachios. I also add whatever hand fruit that's in my fridge like plump and juicy grapes, cherries, or in this case, the most sweetest local peach my dear friend Brigitte gifted me. 

You can share stone fruits or peaches easy by slicing from the top to the bottom vertically around the circumference, and gently tug to fan the slices out like I did in these pictures for an appealing crowd share that can star as the main hero feature on your Fruitité, charcuterie board or snack plate. 

Start building with fresh fruits, veggies and sprigs of herbs for a healthy anytime graze. 


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