Simple Savory Oats

Growing up my Grandmother would often make Haleem, a savory Persian Porridge with left over chicken or stew meat from whatever Koresh (stew) she made that week. Since then, I've drawn a loving to salty savory oatmeal–it's a wonderful quick, cheap and wholesome meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I usually make my savory oats simple with rolled oats, salt and pepper. Sometimes I add nutritional yeast, Za'atar or saffron. Sometimes I put a poached egg on it. Enjoy! 

Simple Savory Oats

by Sarah Farsh August 14, 2020

  • rolled oats
  • water
  • kosher sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper
  • poached egg (optional, fresh avocado is a nice sub for vegans)
  • sprinkle of Za'atar, saffron or nutritional yeast (optional)
Follow cooking instructions for rolled oats and cook to your liking. Sprinkle with salt pepper and optional toppings. Enjoy! 


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