Leftover Stew: What I do with my left over Khoresht Loobia or Persian Stew

I usually make a soup or stew once a week to enjoy something warm and nutrient rich throughout. Sometimes I feel like having an organic, free-range, cage-free, local egg-poached like a pillow over a warm stew and crispy bread. Today I had a little left over Red Persian Stew which makes a perfect bed for white and golden runny eggs. My dear friend Georgeanne was my golden goose neighbor who shared a couple eggs with me so that I didn't have to wait on the TJ's COVID-19 line. 

If you don't have Red Persian Stew, you can warm up sweet onions, crushed tomatoes with turmeric powder, fresh lemon, salt and pepper to poach your eggs right on top. If you're vegan and don't eat eggs, you can poach extra soft tofu on top of your stew which closely resembles soft cooked egg whites.

There's no recipe for this, just warm up left over stew or ingredients provided above in a pan, crack eggs on top, or crumble extra soft tofu, top with lid on low heat and poach until eggs are cooked to desired preference (about 4-5 min to poach with runny center). I served with fresh toasted French baguette, smashed avocado, arugula, pink pickled onions and left over thin grilled asparagus tips.


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