Pizza Salad

Everything you want and need in one pie. 

⁣I have researched and tried many gluten-free pizza crusts that are currently on the market. What I look for is CLEAN ingredients (whole/single/unprocessed) and ideally dairy-free. It's wonderful to see how many options are available nowadays for GF pizza crust, and also remember how much fun it was to experiment making my own homemade doughs with juicer pulp and cauliflower in the kitchen before anything was available to pick up! Seriously, if you have a couple hours and juicer pulp - give this older recipe a try HERE

My favorite pizza crust available on the market today is Butternut Squash Pizza Crust from Trader Joe's. The ingredients are: butternut squash, corn flour, water, cornstarch, potato starch, olive oil, salt, and that's it! If you where to eat the entire pie, it's only 480 cals and overal pretty low carb while being rich in planty nutrients. The flavor/texture reminds me a little bit of mashed polenta - so there's a lot you can do with the base if you wanted to venture outside of traditional pizza. 

If you're curious, my second favorite crust if making my own or TJ's isn't available is 365 Everyday Value Cauliflower Pizza CrustIt's a good alt when I need to make something quick/easy/pleasy and tastes more like the traditional GF style crust while there's a small amount of dairy inside ingredients.

Whatever crust you choose or make, just top it with color! Hope you enjoy the nutrient rich benefits and flavor this super clean, gluten free, plant protein, low carb, vegan, whole food meal offers, and if you do-let me know!


Pizza Salad:
by Sarah Farsh November 20, 2019

• @traderjoes butternut squash crust (check for yourself, the ingredients are super clean!⁣)
• raw tomato sauce: grape tomatoes, 1-2 sun dried tomatoes, 2-3 fresh strawberries, garlic, salt, pepper, fresh oregano sprigs (or store bought fat-free sauce, I use @wholefoods)⁣
• raw almond ricotta: 1 cup slivered almonds, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, 2-3 garlic cloves, 1tsp kosher salt, lemon zest, a squeeze of lemon juice (@kitehillfoods or @miyokoscreamery makes good clean/melty vegan cheese alts if you don’t wanna make your own)
• dry sautéed shallots ⁣
• fresh arugula ⁣
• kalamata olives ⁣

Preheat oven to 375°. Carefully unwrap pie crust and place onto a flat cookie sheet. Blend tomato sauce ingredients together, or open up a jar of tomato sauce and top butternut squash crust with red. Top w fresh greens. Gently pulse almond ricotta ingredients together in blender, be careful not to cream. Stop to scrape/mix crumbles midway and sprinkle ricotta on top of greens w your fingers. Crush kalamata olives on top, and bake in oven 30-45min. Meanwhile, dry sauté onions to add on top before serving. Note: Cooking longer makes crust more crispy, cooking less makes it feel more like polenta.⁣


  1. If you’re in a pizzeria’s kitchen, you have probably viewed the same Pizza peel the pros use to relocate pizzas out of the oven in preparation and move them back out of the oven.


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