No Bake Raspberry Mango Firecracker Cake Pie

The flavors of this pie are as explosive as the colors, enjoy the benefits of nutrients provided by plant protein and fresh fruit in this sweet and tangy dessert that requires no baking!

No Bake Raspberry Mango Cake Pie
by Sarah Farsh November 20, 2019

Raw Dough:⁣
2 cups oats⁣
1/4 cup raisins ⁣
1/4” cinnamon bark (or 1/2tsp powder)⁣
1/2 vanilla bean⁣
pinch pink salt ⁣
4tbs water (more or less) ⁣

2 1/2 cup frozen mango⁣
1/4 block OG firm tofu ⁣
1/2 vanilla bean⁣
1-2 medjool dates ⁣
3 drops stevia ⁣
1 clementine +a little peel ⁣
cinnamon bark or 1tsp powder⁣

crushed freeze dried raspberries ⁣
unsweetened dark chocolate chips⁣
2 stevia drops to melt w cho chips ⁣

Blend dry filling ingredients together, add water to mix into dough. You'll need to really use the plunger and stop blender to scoop sides into mix. The texture should become like a sticky dough and you'll want to be sure to blend dry ingredients together before adding water. Add more whole oats after blending if you need more binding agent, and more drops of water if you need more sticky. It’s a very sticky dough and you’ll need your hands to press dough out onto bottom of pie pan. ⁣

Blend filling ingredients together and poor on top of dough. Top w crushed dry raspberries (they crush in your fingers easy). Melt chocolate in a small glass vessel about a min in the zapper is enough to stir so they melt with drops of stevia to sweeten. Drizzle w chocolate using fork and place pie in the freezer to set for at least and hour or overnight. Serve like ice cream cake-thaw pie out for 20min prior to serving for custard like texture.


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