Grazing Board Inspiration : The Frudité

I always start my parties with a grazing board that includes fresh greens, herbs, fruit, nuts, seeds and sometimes dips. This is inspired by my grandmothers tradition of serving "sabzi" before every meal at our Persian dinner tables. I love calling my version a Frudité, a fruit and veggie inspired Crudité in place of cured meats and cheese. 

Start with a large wooden, marble, slate or silver tray of choice. I've collected some surfaces from tile stores (samples of counter tops) cut into larger than normal size rectangles that make a great base for these snacking boards! 

Building with simple, bright and fresh single-ingredients make the best noshing board for breakfast, brunch or lunch, and is a warm hospitable welcome for your guests to enjoy. I usually like to hero Persian seedless cucumbers to anchor the center of my board, then work my way building out smaller things like snap peas, radishes, grapes, cut citrus, snap peas, homemade pickles and raw or lightly baked mixed nuts with olive oil, olives and herbs. 

Enjoy with champers or something bubbly, and get creative with your arrangement! Here are a few self-explanatory inspirational appetizer, mezze, brunch board or frudité platters you can enjoy at home. 

watermelon pickles with hummus and sourdough


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