Fast Fashion - The True Cost

Please watch this movie, if you wear cloths and care about human beings all over the world. 

I don't listen to the news, radio or watch tv - but my mom does a really good job updating me with what's going and things I should know about. This isn't a movie that your local news channel will ask you to watch - but it really should be. Thank you mom for always sharing what's really important with me.

I am so conscious about the food I eat - that its as close to it's natural state as possible, and that it's fair trade or local. I don't know why it had come as such a surprise to me that the clothing we purchase should also follow the same practices. I even grew up in the garment district of New York City, where my dad had clothing factories and fashion lines - but I only knew of his way of clothing manufacturing which was made in the USA and sweatshop free. I never wondered too much about how they produce clothing in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, or many other countries outside the United States until I got to see in this movie. 

I wouldn't say I'm a huge clothing consumer, but before I watched this movie, I would shop for cloths at Zara and H&M - the leading companies of "Fast Fashion". Huge selection, low prices, convenience; which come with low quality, low closet life, lots of waste, harsh chemicals and horrible labor conditions – pretty opposite to my standards of food shopping. Now I'm conscious of what it means when a t-shirt is only $5, and the hidden price that really comes with it.


  1. I watched this doc recently. Eye-opening. Especially after having visited many of the places where those clothes are made (Cambodia, India, Vietnam)


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