Happy New Year!

2013 has already warmly invited me along an exiting new path, that I've been dreaming of for a long time. I'm moving out of New Jersey, and into The Sunshine State! Miami Beach to be precise :)

I've been dreaming of moving out of NJ ever since I moved here with my family, back in Middle School (sorry Jerseyans). I'm a city girl at heart, born and raised in Manhattan - you can only imagine the culture shock I endured after getting plopped into Suburbia. I strongly believe my parents did the right thing by moving us to NJ for the reasons they did... But it still sucked.

Ok, I'm being a bit overly dramatic! Considering we only moved 20min away from The City... And I always make the best out of any situation. None the less, I'm happy to get the heck outta here!

I got a killer new job (happily remaining within Whole Foods Market), and an awesome new apartment, 2 blocks from the beach (with the sickest kitchen ever). It's pretty cool that all this change is happening right at the New Year. I'm honestly not superstitious when it comes to these made up holidays... I can't even remember ever making a "New Years Resolution". I just think of NY's as another excuse to celebrate. I don't believe in setting unrealistic goals for myself, and then waiting for the last day of the year to start working on them. Instead, when I have a goal or intention, I just go for it... no matter what time of year it is. But if you are one that needs a milestone like NY's to help set a goal for yourself, then I'm a supporter of this overly marketed and made up holiday!

I guess you can say I'm starting the New Year off stereotypically... Eating Organic Arugula for lunch, with Hummus, Grilled Carrots and a Whole Wheat Bagel. I haven't had much time for cooking since I'm in the process of moving... So I'll be eating much like this until I get down south :)

Happy New Year People!


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