Merry Happy

Although my family practices Judaism... I seem to find myself squeezed into someones Christmas dinner table each year. I always love a reason to celebrate! This year, my dear friend Ellie invited me over for her Cuban style Christmas dinner - and how could I resist!? Ellie is quite the chef... I knew this was going to be good. 

A few days before dinner, Ellie humbly asked if I would bring a veggie dish. I ecstatically said "I'll bring three!" (veggie dishes are kind of my thing) I decided to make a Raw Brussels Sprout Slaw with Dried Cranberries, a Butternut Squash Gratin and Cauliflower Mash, to accompany Ellie's Black Beans, Rice and Roast Pork (which I did have a few bites of). 

I'll be posting recipes for my veggie dishes separately.

It was a wonderful Christmas, with delicious food and an awesomely long cocktail hour (that pretty much took up the entire day). I felt very special to be part of such a lovely gathering. I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year... Merry happy!


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