Back Home From Hawaii

I'm back! Sorry I've left you for so long, I really thought I'd get a chance to do some blogging while I was away - but I couldn't get myself to sit in front of a computer. Hope your not too mad :)

One of my bestest friends Lauren, and her super cool fiancé Jon, recently moved to Hawaii. Zach and I thought it would be great to go out there and give them a visit... it was the best idea ever. We all became one big happy family that explored and adventured together.

Jon, Zach and Lauren hiking The Mokes

Lauren and I jumping into tied pools

Because we travled a lot from island to island, we didn't do as much cooking as I thought we would. We still got to enjoyed some amazing local fruits and veggies...

breakfast: sprouted grain bagels, avocado mash & kale!

worlds best fish tacos made by Jon and myself

There wasn't much that we didn't do. It was really sad to leave the beautiful islands and our dear friends, but I'm sure we'll go back again. I got to take home new flavors and recipes that I plan to share with you all - as soon as I unpack...


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