I love Miami. I was extremely close to moving there last summer, but for whatever reason it didn't work out - it wasn't meant to be. I was a bit bitter about it at the time, but now I'm totally accepting and even happy that I didn't move. I love going to escape there there for mini getaways, and if I ended up moving there - it wouldn't be as special. Plus, I love New York too much.

When I travel, I tend to rent apartments, houses or stay at B&B's - it's rare that I stay at a hotel. I make this one exception when visiting Miami to stay at The Standard Hotel and Spa, it's really a special place. The hotel is all about wellness, health and relaxation. The spa & pool is based around hydrotherapy with a hot waterfall Jacuzzi, an ice cold tub and an infinity pool that plays music underwater. Plus they have my favorite food and drink menu in Miami, serving a lot of kale.

Zach and I started off the trip by ourselves, then waited for Reagan to join us later on 

she finally decided to show up 

we took bubble baths 

AcroYoga on the beach 

and had a jolly good time,

but got tortured by cute Minou pics from Aunt Jen & Uncle Joe. 


  1. Still sad I missed out but happy I got to bond with Minou :)


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