Linguine and Veggies with Red Lentil Sauce

If this recipe sounds familiar to you, that means you've been stalking me for a while now.. and I'm truly flattered! I posted a recipe for Red Lentil Sauce with Artichokes and Pasta a while ago - I really loved it. So when I was given Swiss Chard, Summer Squash and Snap Peas from my CSA this week, I decided to make it again using my local organic veggies.

And I still loved it.

I did one thing in this recipe that I never do. I added some olive oil. It was very very little - only about a teaspoon for this entire pot. It was used for flavor and wasn't just any kind of oil.. I used basil infused olive oil from France. Let's get real - if I'm going to use oil, it's gonna be damn good. If you wanna get your hands on some of this, you'll have to take a trip to France or have a friend in Paris who will hand deliver this magical stuff to you in the states :)

Linguine and Veggies with Red Lentil Sauce
Recipe adapted from
Follow the recipe at and feel free to make my changes. Please note that this recipe does not re-heat very well, so it's best to serve immediately:
  • I added 1 tsp red chili flakes
  • I used brown rice linguine noodles instead of whole wheat.
  • replace artichoke and spinach with: 4 summer squash (chopped), 1 cup snap peas (chopped), 1 bunch swiss chard (chopped). Dry saute veggies together with a teaspoon of magical basil olive oil (optional). Toss veggies lightly with pasta and lentil sauce.


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