Tell Me What To Make!

Is there a vegetable your scared of but would like to give a try? A grain that you don't know how to cook? Or a seed that you don't know what to do with? Post your requests below, and I'll make up a recipe specially for you! If your lazy and don't have an account to post comments, you can just email me at ;)

I'm looking forward to your requests! (Minou asked for a tuna recipe.)


  1. Hi Sarah!
    How about a falafel recipe.
    I love falafel but am not too crazy about frying them. Can you bake falafel?

    ... also I have a ton of millet and a ton of hemp seeds, what should I do with those?

    Miss you!

    1. Sarah! I actually have a baked falafel recipe that I call "baked falafel cookies".. It's Zach's favorite thing I make but I try not to make them all the time so he doesn't get sick of it =) I will post it just for you.

      There's a whole lot you can do with millet and hemp - hemp particularly is super versatile and a great texture to work with - not to mention a super food. I was secretly hoping someone would request it =)

      THANK YOU for your entrees, the recipes will be coming up soon. MIss you more Sarah! XO!

  2. This is a wonderful blog. I tried many of your recipes
    and they are tasty and healthfully prepared. Can you give me some tips about using teff in some recipes?

    Pat Flamberg

    1. Hi Pat!
      Thank you so much for your kind words - I'm so happy you enjoy my blog, that means so much to me.

      Believe it or not, I have never actually heard of or cooked with teff. I just did some research and it sounds like it's a highly nutritious grain. Seems like its most commonly used for making Ethiopian crepe bread, and can be used as a substitute for flour (in some recipes). I found this great website with lots of info and recipes:

      I will pick some teff up, experiment, and then come up with a recipe for you! Thank you for post and enlightening me with this new ingredient!


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