Rest. Reset. Refresh.

I just came back home from Veiques, Puerto Rico for a 6 day getaway. Veiques is a small island off of Puerto Rico - you need to take a boat or a small plane to get there. There is a WHOLE lot I can say about this trip, but I'll make a long story short. The best way I can describe the island in a nut shell is rainforest, jungle, mountain-esque, turquoise beach, peaceful, natural, magical, heaven. For most of the trip I felt like I was living on the TV show Lost. The island is so pure and rich of greens and blues. Half of the small island is a US Wildlife National Refuge. The roads to get to the beaches are all off-roading and narrow dirt road paths. When you get to the beach of your choice, most chances are you are the only one there.

I went for my dear uncle Payam's birthday, he turned 50 years young. Payam and my aunt Eva asked for everyone to meet in Veiques to celebrate. Payam and Eva are pretty much the coolest, most unique and worldly people I know. I always love being around them and their energy. Traveling with them is simply a treat, they always discover new places and seem to know all about where we are visiting on the palm of their hand. Their friends are also great which added on to the awesomeness of the trip.

There was supposed to be 12 people celebrating, but at the very last minute - Zach couldn't make it. I was devastated to say the least, so was everyone else. I promised him that we would go back again one day soon. As sad as I was to leave without him, I promised myself I would make the best out of it and have a good time. It ended up being 11 of us total and we pretty much had the whole island to ourselves. It was an incredible trip with a great travel team, just missing one person.

The thing I love most about traveling besides viewing new and beautiful scenery, is experiencing the culture. Trying food the locals eat, talking to the locals, hearing the different language and discovering underground happenings. Of course the food the locals eat isn't always the healthiest - but I usually make an acceptation to taste everything I can while I'm away even if it's just a small bite. For the most part, for this trip we cooked breakfast at our cottage, La Finca Caribe. Everyone mostly had eggs or melted cheese sandwiches for breakfast, but I tried to be good and made different peanut butter and fruit sandwiches instead. I figured I'd at least start the day's off right since I could.

After the 6 day getaway, it was very sad to come home. Having every part of my body covered in mosquito bites didn't help the fact. As hard as it was to come back to work and my regular life after such a beautiful trip - I now feel completely rested, reset and refreshed. Besides, I had these two guys to look forward to :)


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