Getting Back On Track

This morning I stepped on the scale curious to find out the damage after my 6 day trip to Vieques. I gained a total of 9 pounds from those 6 days. That is a lot of weight gain for my size and body frame but I'm confident I'll be right back where I was before the trip by end of next week. I really thought all that walking, swimming form island to island, kayaking, and horseback riding would be enough to keep me on track. But I guess I laid on the beach a lot more than I thought I did. And maybe had a few more french fries and bigger bites of everyone else's sandwiches than I remember... 

Not only did I gain weight, but I also fell off a horse and then skidded off a wet road with my scooter. My left knee and elbow is busted and I'll be walking with a limp for a few days - this means I can't go to the gym until at least my knee heals. I think I'll be able to exercise again by next week; but for now I'm planning to preserve my time and energy for my healthy cooking and eating - my own personal detox.

I'm not beating myself up, and I'm sure as hell not going to starve myself for this. I'm going to do the complete opposite actually. I'm looking forward to eating all my delicious, nutritious veggies and food. I'm not going to punish myself by being hungry or depriving my needs. I just am going to make sure I have easy, healthy food readily available for me to enjoy for this week to get me on track. Vegetable soups and stews, fresh cut up veggies in the fridge, fresh bean dips, salads, homemade oatmeal bars, whole grains and raw nuts. 

I won't tell you that it's easy to eat healthy all the time. I work really hard to plan out my meals, shop and always have good food readily available in my apartment and at work. But when you go away and leave your regular routine, it's a little tough to build the momentum of where you left off. It's not impossible, but it doesn't happen over night. Especially when you need to unpack from your trip, do your laundry, clean up and go back to work the next day. You need to go food shopping, come up with snacks and meals, prep your food, cook your food, pack it, find the time to eat it, and in my case... blog about it.

Today's my first day back on track and I already feel great. Even though I have not yet had the chance to stock my fridge and pantry with fresh veggies, fruits, grains and legumes - I'm making due with what I have easily available. I have a freezer full of frozen veggies which I plan to do something with tonight! And I was able to get fresh oatmeal with fruit along with a green Blue Print Juice for breakfast. I look forward to sharing some new recipes with you as I get back on track!


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