Down 5!

It's only my 3rd day back from Vieques, and I'm already 5 pounds down out of the 9 pounds I gained over vacation! When I stepped on the scale this morning at 7:30am, I could hardly believe it myself. I woke Zach up telling him all about it and asked him how this could be possible?! He just mumbled in his sleep and said something about it being from all our workouts in the bedroom.. Of course he thinks thats what it is...

Well I know the real reason is mostly because I'm back on my plant based lifestyle. Even though I was in tropical Puerto Rico, I didn't get to eat as much fruits and vegetables like I normally eat back at home. Actually, most of their local food is deep fried. I believe it's been so easy to loose the weight I gained on the trip because of my commitment to the plant based lifestyle as my regular day-to-day diet. The rare occasions I am off my program, my body easily readjust. Thats good news.

This morning I had a Rips Big Bowl from the Engine 2 diet cookbook, for breakfast - super yummy. I recommend making a really, really big bowl of the stuff and then packing portions out individually so that you have some ready to go for quick and easy breakfasts.


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