Early Spring

So it's March 19th, and the weather reached a high of 79 degrees here in Jersey today. That pretty much put me on a cloud of smiles, flying up above in the sky all day. But seriously. It was freakin' gorgeous out. Too bad I was stuck in the office all day at work. I did get the chance to enjoy this freakishly amazing March weather while I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle in upstate NY this weekend. (see photo below)

For some reason, this weather has inspired me to keep cooking to a minimum tonight. I just feel like reading my book next to the window, and breath in this fresh spring air before going to sleep for the night. I think it's really important to have healthy and easy go-to dinner options for nights like these - so here's an idea, veggie wraps.

My definition of a veggie wrap includes a whole grain or organic corn tortilla to start with. Tonight I choose Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas. If you are gluten intolernt, you can use an organic corn based wrap instead.

As you may have noticed, I don't always "wrap" my wraps up. I usually just fold them over one time, and depending on how messy the wrap is inside, I'll sometimes even eat them with a fork and knife.

Here's what I loaded my wrap up with tonight:

Mustard, avocados and fresh jalapenos peppers

roasted red pepper slices

deliciously crisp and peppery arugula.

and a cooked veggie burger, ripped into pieces.

It was quick, easy, satisfying and nutritious. You can make this wrap with cooked beans instead of a veggie burger. You can pretty much add whatever veggies you want into a wrap and more than likely, they'll be delicious and satisfying. I think there's just something about eating food held together by an edible package that makes it tastes better.

For dessert, I had organic frozen cherries. They are my not so secret obession. You can get them in the frozen section of Whole Foods Market (if I've left you any) or in the frozen section of your local grocery store. I eat them one at a time, as a frozen treat.

Happy eating and early spring!


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