Chocolate Cherry Almond Green Smoothie

Since I brought my Vitamix with me to Vermot, I plan to make a smoothie before we hit the slopes every morning.

This is one of my favorite smoothies and I make it only for special occasions. I don't use a lot of fruit or juice because I like to have my smoothies vegetable based and not too high in sugar.

But, if you trying smoothies out for the first time, or are just not used to drinking your greens so early in the morning, then don't be shy to add more fruit and fresh fruit juice additions. Just make sure you are using fresh juice and whole fruits (fresh, frozen or dried) and stay away from anything made from concentrate. I say, if having more fruit gets you to eat more veggies, so be it. Eventually after you get used to the taste and idea of drinking greens in the morning, you'll find that you won't need to have them as sweet as you did when you first started. Feel free to adapt my recipe to taste by adding more fruit or fresh fruit juice.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Green Smoothie
By Sarah Farsh March 8, 2012

10 kale leaves
1/2 cup frozen organic cherries
1/4 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup fresh pressed apple cider
2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup water

In VitaMix or high powered blender, blend all ingredients together. Add more apple cider and cherries for a sweeter taste.


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