What the Farsh is Farshicle

It's taken me a full year to finally start a blog. Why so long? Because I kept trying too hard to come up with some clever name and it never came to me.  All year I'd tell myself, "I'm starting today!" and just couldn't come up with anything that fit. I'd like to focus this blog mainly on my recipes and food experiences.

"Farshicle" kind of sounds like "popsicle", which is food oriented, so tada! - it works.

Farshicle comes from my made up last name Farsh. My real last name is Farshadfar - but even that isn't my really, real last name. Farshadfar was made up by my Grandfather, and Farsh was then made up by myself.

If you figured out how to pronounce my whole, real last name... you are probably wrong. Here's some help: its pronounced "far-shad-far", a three syllable word (clapping along my help). "Far" in the front "far" at the end, and "shad" in the middle. Far-shad-far means "one-happy-one" in Farsi. My Grandfather made up the name in Iran during The Iranian Revolution when Ayatollah Khomeini took over the country making it an Islamic Republic. Our really, real last name is Israel. Before Khomeini, The Shah ruled Iran, and He had a more modern vision and openness to different beliefs and religious practice.

My family are Persian Jews, and after The Shah went down, being Jewish was no longer happily looked upon in the country, so my grandfather thought it would be smart to change our last name to Farshadfar. My father, his 3 siblings and mother moved to New York during the revolution, and my grandfather esscaped by donky. Yes, I said donky, he still has the 10 pairs of jeans with all the holes that he wore on the ride to prove it.

So lets, try again, Far..Shad..Far, now you got it! You can see how long it takes me anytime I try to introduce myself using my whole last name - after the english and history lesson. So I made up Farsh - because its easier... And also, apparently very adoptable.

"Farsh" I thought, sounded nice, and most importantly, short. Sarah Farsh. The letters balance each other out nicely, 5 on both sides. I've been going by "Sarah Farsh" since I graduated high school back in 04.  During high school I tried, "Farshay" - I thought the "ay" at the end added a fancy French flare - how silly. Through my years after high school, I made a handful of amazing friends. Every friend that I have made, and even new ones on the way end up creating their own versions, or uses for my made up last name: Farhshie, Farsh-too-far, shut the Farsh up., Farshinator, The Farsh, What the Farsh?', and my personal favorite... Farshicle.


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